Padron push in Huercal-Overa


HUERCAL-OVERA is aiming at a registered population of 20,000 inhabitants.

The local government has launched  A por los 20,000 habitantes! Empadronate! (Let’s go for 20,000! Register!), a campaign that it hopes will persuade unregistered residents to add their names to the municipal roll, the Padron.

The town hall is also offering a sweetener in the shape of a “welcome pack” with an Arbol de la Vida (Tree of Life) t-shirt, an Arbol de la Vida facemask and a month’s subscription to the H20 Sports Centre.

The greater a municipality’s population, the more cash it receives from the central government and the greater the benefits to the local population.

“We are very near,” said Treasury councillor Adrian Ramos.

“Reaching 20,000 inhabitants would mean improved services for Huercal-Overa, rapid development and more funding for Huercal residents.”

According to statistics from Spain’s National Statistic Institute (INE), Huercal-Overa had 19,395 registered residents on January 1 this year, a figure tantalisingly near the desired 20,000.

“It’s a goal that we know is attainable and it would have an important effect, as the central government would assign the municipality around €500,000 more,” Ramos explained.

This would arrive in 2022 if the Padron reaches 20,000 by this December, the councillor added.

Ramos also urged residents who have put off registering in the past to do so now.

All it needs is a town hall visit, presenting ID together with a Nota Simple (an abbreviated copy of a property’s deeds), an IBI rates receipt or a rent contract.

And, although Adrian Ramos made no mention of Brexit and its impact on Britons, not only Huercal-Over expats but all those living in Almeria province should ensure that they are registered on the local Padron.

Obviously, this benefits the municipality where they live but it will also ensure that they continue to enjoy their present rights after the UK leaves Europe.

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Linda Hall

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