Donald Trump has been slated for ‘staging’ photos

Donald Trump has been slated for ‘staging’ photos
Trump was caught out staging photos Credit - Twitter

DONALD Trump has been slated for ‘staging’ photos to show that he is working despite having COVID-19, but which appears to show him signing a blank sheet of paper.

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The US President has shared two images from the hospital where he is being treated for contracting COVID-19, in which he was not wearing a face covering.

All this before going out for a widely-criticised drive to wave at fans outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Centre in Washington DC.

The publicity stunt was branded ‘insane’ by a medic at the hospital. It was quickly pointed out that the images, shot in different rooms, were taken just ten minutes apart from each other – meaning the President posed for one photo, before quickly moving to another room to get a different shot without a jacket on, potentially contaminating two separate locations.

But there was a widespread mockery of the images online, as ‘#Staged’ trended on Twitter.

Historian Alex von Tunzelmann added that she though it was ‘amusing’ that the President is clearly just a signing a piece of blank paper, the staging is not a ‘huge surprise’.

However, she continued: ‘It’s genuinely appalling that he still won’t wear a mask. I hope his vanity hasn’t caused the photographer to be infected.’

Mr. Trump has faced criticism recently for telling lies and his handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

Another Twitter user added that the US is ‘really stupid if it buys these heavily staged lies’.

It comes as the President, who would still be infectious with COVID-19 if the White House timeline is accurate, decided to take a ‘surprise drive-by’ in his armoured vehicle to wave to supporters. The move was slammed as ‘staggeringly irresponsible’ by a medic working at the hospital where he is being treated.


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