Two Busy Sydney Beaches Evacuated


TWO busy and popular beaches in Sydney, Australia, have been rapidly evacuated after wastewater overflowed from a local public toilet into the sea.

All locals and tourists enjoying their day in the sunshine were confronted with a rather nasty surprise.

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At 1pm, everyone was evacuated for public health reasons when the human excrement was accidentally released into the waters at Double Bay’s Redleaf Beach. Having not been able to contain the flow of waste matter, the nearby Bronte Beach was also evacuated two hours later.

The overflow was caused by a blockage which saw Sydney Water urgently trying to clear people out of the unsanitary waters.

A representative from Sydney Water said, “It was a bit chaotic, at least 100 or so people were still milling around the beach confused,”

“Officials wouldn’t tell anyone what had caused it, someone with a clipboard just laughed at me knowingly when I asked what it was.”

“I’m just glad I didn’t make it into the water, it’s pretty disgusting and such a shame on a long weekend.”

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