Another night of earth tremors in Lizoain

Another night of 'quakes in Lizoain
IZAGAONDOA: 2.5 earth tremor felt there in the early hours of October 3 Photo credit: Ibon

NAVARRA endured another night of 20 earthquakes with epicentres registered in Lizoain and immediately adjoining areas.

These tremors in the early hours of the morning, today Saturday October 3, continued intense seismic activity that was at its height on October 1 with earthquakes of 4.6 and 4.4 magnitude.

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Although Saturday’s first 2.5 tremor was centered in Lizoain, it was felt in Ardanaz, Gorraiz, Huarte, Lizarraga de Izagaondoa and Olloki at 1.44am, the Instituto Geografico Nacional announced.

This was followed at 3.17am by a 2.8 tremor in the same area but also noticed in Aoiz, Ardanaz, Beortegui, Burlada, Gorraiz, Huarte, Ibiricu, Pamplona, Sarriguren and Urroz Villa.

Less intense activity, barely noticed by the local population, continued in Lizoain and the Valle de Egues throughout the morning, ending at 10.23am with a 2.3 tremor.


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