October is ADHD awareness month

October is ADHD awareness month
Orange is the colour for October as we raise awareness for ADHD

OCTOBER is ADHD awareness month, here we look at how you can help a child with ADHD study a little easier.

After spending the day feeling stifled, misunderstood, and frustrated in the classroom, “after school” offers a chance for children with ADHD to relax and just be themselves.

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However, a significant portion of the learning that went into your child’s brain during the day can be lost if it isn’t reinforced at home in a visual format that kids with ADHD can easily grasp.

In general, children with ADHD are right-brained learners. They prefer to learn visually, by watching or doing a task in an activity-based, hands-on format, not by listening to lectures or memorising.

There are many ways to implement visual learning outside the classroom. Here are my best tips for doing it at home.

  • Have your child doodle and draw what she is learning.
  • Take notes. The physical act of note-taking keeps the hands and mind involved in the learning process.
  • Add colour to enhance key points.
  • Show older kids how to organize complex information by creating a visual diagram, or a mind map.

To support a visual learning style, you need to help kids develop organization skills. Right-brained, visual-spatial kids usually have a whirlwind of thoughts running through their minds. This makes them creative, but it also causes them to be less focused and organized. Be patient, knowing that this is out of their control.

To celebrate ADHD awareness month the website set up to bring awareness to this condition is calling all people with ADHD who are creative, funny, wise and have a gift with images and words. 

Upload your inspiring ADHD memes, ADHD stories, and ADHD Art to the site.

Submissions received by October 28 will be entered into a draw for fantastic prizes!

Click here – for more information! 


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