British husband in ‘murder-suicide’ crash probe

British husband in 'murder-suicide' crash probe
CREDIT: Guardia Civil (file)

Spanish police have launched a ‘murder-suicide’ investigation after a British husband was killed in a head-on collision with a lorry.

THE body of his wife ‘who had died days earlier’ was found in the back of the deceased’s camper van.

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Police suspect the 38-year-old man may have intended to end his own life after murdering his French wife, 41, in their mobile home, following a row.

The fatal crash occurred last Friday, September 25, on the A-381 motorway near the town of Los Barrios close to Gibraltar.

The Brit, who has not been named, died instantly and was said to have been driving on the wrong side of the motorway before the smash.

Police and firefighters found the body of his wife in the wreckage.

According to reports, the Guardia Civil said investigations point to the crash being a possible murder-suicide after a post mortem revealed the woman had died days before the accident.

Sources claim the police probe is being conducted as a domestic violence investigation.

The lorry driver, believed to be a Spaniard from Dos Hermanas, close to Sevilla, susutained ‘serious injuries’ in the collision which occured around kilometre 75, at around 2.15pm.

The Guardia Civil has not given an official update on his current condition.

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