Birds’ home from home in the Sierra Helada national park

Birds' home from home in the Sierra Helada national park
PARTRIDGES: Native to the Sierra Helada national park Photo credit: Alfaz town hall

ALFAZ pupils will have a workshop tomorrow, Friday October 2, on how to make birds’ nesting boxes.

This is one of many activities programmed to celebrate Sierra Helada’s 15th anniversary as a national park, with the children setting out from the Casa de Cultura at 9.30am, walking to the Moli de Manec where the workshop is to be held.

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The youngsters will learn about the types of insect-eating birds that are most likely to use the nesting boxes which will later be placed in safe spots, protecting the birds and their young from predators.

The town hall’s Environment expert Antonio Morcillo explained that encouraging these birds to nest in the park was also a viable way of cutting down on the use of polluting insecticides.


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