Forty-five-year olds and above could have to isolate!

Forty-five-year olds and above could have to isolate!

Forty-five-year olds and above could have to stay in isolation! It has been discussed older people have a higher risk of being infected.

There has been indication that people over 45 years of age are at higher risk of being infected by coronavirus. The potential plan of advising them to self-isolate to stay safe has been controversial. Many people that don’t think the plan will be successful. Studies don’t think people in their 40’s would appreciate staying home.

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The age is a variable, as of course older people are of higher risk as their immune systems are weaker, however there are still young people that are of great risk. It could be because of their underlying health issues or perhaps their work place.

The plan of isolating forty-five-year olds and older would mean two-thirds of households will be in lockdown. Over 60% of the coronavirus deaths have been of people over the ages of 70. The likeliness of younger people dying from COVID-19 is lower however they are still vulnerable and chance the of spreading the disease on to parents or relatives.

It has shown that recovered patients still have some symptoms; heart palpitations, breathing problems and extreme fatigue. It is an on-going discussion in parliament that there must be more investigations to be able to understand and solve the issues.

As well as the matter of certain ages doing self-isolation it has also occured that there could be a ‘segmentation and protection strategy’ put in place. The parts of the UK with the most infections could be put into lockdown to avert any more deaths. The UK have over 440,000 positive cases. The cases are increasing by around 6,500 each day, as the disease to spread at a rapid rate.

The lockdown rules in the UK as of this month are; hospitality members must wear face coverings, customers must wear masks unless sat down eating, office workers must wear masks and now people can only meet in groups of six. Any weddings will only allow a maximum of fifteen people.

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