Gibraltar Customs Marine unit arrest a Spanish National after chase at sea

Customs boat
A Gibraltar Customs boat similar to HMC Seeker Credit: Twitter

AN incident took place on Sunday night at around midnight, when officers onboard HMC Seeker on a routine patrol in the area of Eastern Beach sighted a small rigid inflatable boat (RHIB) heading south at speed without displaying navigation lights.

HMC Seeker then turned its blue lights on and headed towards the suspect vessel which started to carry out evasive manoeuvres and ignored the Gibraltar Customs patrol boat.

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The suspect vessel had three occupants onboard and boxes wrapped in black plastic bags.

During one of these manoeuvres, one of the occupants of the boat fell in the sea so, immediately after, HMC Seeker aborted the chase and rescued the individual.

The RHIB, the two occupants and the suspect cargo made good their escape whilst the rescued Spanish National was then arrested and an investigation is now underway.


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