Sir David Attenborough addressing extinction

Sir David Attenborough addressing extinction

Sir David Attenborough addressing extinction. David Attenborough took to social media to communicate the seriousness of the extinction problem.

Sir David Attenborough has warned the world and its leaders of how bad the extinction problem could get if they do not act upon it. It was proven in a United Nations report that just last year there were about one million different species threatened by extinction.

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Most of the extinction problems are caused by humans. Including hunting, the animal’s habitats being destroyed and fires along with many other reasons. Attenborough exclaimed building over the habitats of wild animals could produce a new disease, causing even more problems in the world.

Attenborough went live with this to over 60 heads of state and many different governments. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK has promised to conserve hundreds of thousands worth of hectares of the countryside to help nature salvage what it has left.

Climate change has been a factoring argument between countries for years. The UK already have a ban in place for 2030-2040 to stop the sale of petrol and diesel cars, helping the UK cut down on its carbon emissions. Global warming activists are convincing countries to avoid any trading that could affect the possible extinctions and weather changes.

The need for all of these actions to be made is urgent. There has been an action made called Leaders’ Pledge for Nature which commits to helping a green recovery after the coronavirus pandemic. With money going towards nature and animals or the world will be in more trouble.

Many leaders have come forward to express their acknowledgement for the cause, and have agreed to help all over the world. Some of the food trade will also have to stop as palm oil comes from the amazon rainforests where soon orangutans will have no home. Beef farming will need to be stopped also, as it destroys environment overseas.

To conclude, the world has to conserve more land throughout the world as an attempt to stop global warming happening so rapidly. The excessive carbon emissions and methane gases are not only causing problems for the atmosphere but also everyone and everything living on this planet. We need to take responsibility for what we have caused and make it better. The effects are irreversible but still improvable to a certain extent.

Thank you for reading this article, “Sir David Attenborough addressing extinction”. Let’s try our best as a community to right our wrongs and recycle and help where we can. To keep up-to-date with this matter, visit the Euro Weekly News website.


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