Upcycling this Autumn is a great way to save pennies and waste


THE arrival of autumn and the festive season has got me thinking about making a few tweaks to my living space to create a cosy interior. So I’m upcycling this Autumn to save pennies and save on waste, and you can too!

Upcycling this Autumn is a great way to save pennies and waste, it’s easy, fun and a great way to share time with your children. So, while you’re putting up Christmas decorations all over your home, make sure you’re being sensible budget-wise about decorating your home for the holidays. You actually don’t need to spend money on decorations or décor accessories. Instead, you can re-use what you’ve already got by upcycling and save those hard-earned pennies. The bonus is that you’ll not only refresh your home for Christmas but you can create some lovely interior pieces that’ll work in your home all year round – what a great start to the New Year that would be, eh?

Britain produces an alarming 280m tonnes of waste each year. Upcycling old furniture and décor is therefore much better for the environment, while also injecting personality and uniqueness into your home design. The festive season is the perfect time to bring a bit more flair and comfort to your home, so make a start upcycling this Autumn. Here are three upcycling projects to get started right now..!

Add Colour and pattern

A bit of colour or pattern does wonderful things for both your décor and furniture. Bold, bright colours are especially welcoming during the festive season and make you feel energetic when entering the house after being outside in the cold. You can add a feature wall with a small pot of paint, or upcycle your sideboard or cupboards with a new colour on the doors. You might not want to repaint glass cabinets so an alternative is to be creative with wallpaper or festive wrapping paper by lining the back of the cupboard.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Wash the cupboard with soapy hot water to remove dust and dirt. This will make it easier for the wallpaper to be applied.
  • Measure how much wallpaper you’ll need and then cut the paper to fit it.
  • Glue the wallpaper to the back of the cupboard by gently sliding it into place with your fingers, smoothing it down to prevent bubbles.

Dazzle With DIY Lighting

A well-lit room has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your mood and can make you feel warmer. But you don’t have to purchase an expensive light fitting or chandelier. Make your own! If you have lots of jars lying around, collect them and add fairy lights to make a display that’s perfect for your festive table, or in the living room where you and your guests are going to crowd around a cosy fireplace. Here’s a DIY project for making snowy fairy light lanterns.

How to do it:

  • Choose how many mason jars you want in your display. One or two are dainty, while a bunch of them give a lovely rustic feeling to a room.
  • If you want to attach the mason jar lights to a board, use some old wood and paint or stain it to give it a stylish appearance.
  • It might be nice to hang the jars at different heights to add dimension and create a visually striking lighting display or top them with artificial flowers.

Warm Up Your Pillows With DIY Covers

Changing your interior design with the seasons is sometimes as easy as recovering your cushions and pillows. In winter, you want to use thicker, woollier materials to create comfort. Instead of buying new covers, make your own out of jumpers that you don’t wear anymore. Using sweaters that have decorative elements on them, like bows or ruffles, is especially great to add texture to your interior design. Place the upcycled cushions on a sofa or your bed, displaying different materials and textures. This achieves a lovely layering effect that’s perfect for the colder months when you want to wrap up and snuggle.

I hope this blog post has given you some inspiration for your own home. Now that it’s Autumn you’ll want your home to be a cosy, inviting place, so finding new uses for old cushion covers, furniture, and household items such as mason jars, is the perfect way to upcycle your home for the holidays and have fun doing it.

We hope you enjoyed this article “Upcycling this Autumn is a great way to save pennies and waste.”.

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