Man arrested for murder of Manuela Chavero may have also killed his step mother

Manuela Chavero
Delgado is being investigated for double murder. Credit-Twitter

EUGENIO Delgado, the man in custody for the murder of Manuela Chavero, who was found dead early in the morning of July 5, 2016, still refuses to tell investigators exactly what happened, since his arrest on September 18.

Delgado, from Monesterio, maintains that on that night he asked Manuela Chavero to go to his house to return a crib and that, once there, there was an argument in the hallway of the house, she accidentally slipped, hit her head and died.

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The Civil Guard still holds the accused in their cells despite the fact that on he has already been sentenced without bail for the alleged crimes of illegal detention and homicide. However, the officers argue that they have not yet concluded their investigation. 

Sources explained that Eugenio Delgado told the judge that that morning he asked his neighbour, who lived 25 metres from his house, to come to his home to return a crib that belonged to her. “Come and I’ll give it back,” he said to Manuela Chavero.

The accused has used the same story throughout, despite the fact that the meeting took place around two in the morning on a Tuesday, he claims it was just by chance. The baby bed was lent by Manuela Chavero to Eugenio Delgado a couple of years before the woman’s disappearance when relatives, who had a baby, had visited baby.

On the night of her death, and always according to the version given by the accused, Manuela, seeing the cradle was broken, started a heated discussion that ended in an accident. 

On several occasions, the detainee has asked the officers guarding him if it is possible that his DNA, four years and two months after the woman’s death, could be preserved in the skeletal remains found on a farm of his property on the outskirts of Monesterio. 

The skeletal remains of the victim were discovered without clothes, wrapped in a towel and a sheet. That fact would support a presumed sexual assault, although the option that this hypothesis is proven by autopsy is almost impossible since forensics have not found soft tissues because of the time that has elapsed. The corpse was missing the C1 vertebra, which joins the spine with the skull.

Eugenio Delgado explained to the judge that he got rid of the woman’s clothes and that he decided to bury the body because he was very nervous. After disposing of the body, according to his own words, he returned home and cleaned the hallway with bleach, as this is where he claims the accident happened.

Now, questions are being asked about another suspicious death on the same farm. That of Carmen, Eugenio’s stepmother.

Carmen died of a stroke caused by a blow to the skull that occurred when she slipped in the bathtub. It happened six years ago when she was about 51 and her stepson Eugenio had just turned 22. Curiously, that day the young man did not accompany his father to the field as he always did. He said he felt bad and stayed home, alone with his stepmother.


Neighbours say that Carmen’s family never believed in the slip, or in the fall, or that it was an accident and they always suspected that he was behind the sudden death

The Civil Guard has announced that due to these suspicions and possible violent links they are now going to review the case in depth.

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