Benidorm fiestas cash goes to families in need

Benidorm fiestas cash goes to families in need
BENIDORM FIESTAS: Postponed thanks to Covid-19 Photo credit: MB Noticias

BENIDORM town hall’s €214,000 contribution to the municipality’s principal fiestas will instead be used to help local families.

This exceptional cash injection has the blessing of the Fiestas Commission and the Virgen del Sufragio Association.  It also includes the €8,000 that the town hall has donated for decades to inland Beniarda for its own fiestas, in gratitude for supplying Benidorm with much-needed water.

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“We are going to supplement this amount with another €286,000 from the town hall budget, so that we can inject an additional €500,000 of municipal aid to alleviate the economic and social effects of the Covid-19 crisis,” said Benidorm’s mayor Toni Perez.

This is the second time that the town hall increased the fund created to help Benidorm families who are experiencing difficulties caused by the health crisis, Perez added.

“When we introduced the aid – which 2,000 people have now received – we had a budget of more than €1.4 million, 20 per cent of the 2019 surplus and the maximum permitted by the central government,” the mayor explained

“This initial budget was not enough to attend to all the requests we received but, convinced that this help was an absolute priority, we have contributed additional funds from the 2020 Budget, dispensing with investments and spending planned for this year,” Perez said.



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