Could you imagine Friends if the cast were completely different?

Could you imagine Friends if the cast were completely different?

Imagine a different cast, a different Rachel Green! It wouldn’t be the beloved series that so many people love if Jennifer Aniston wasn’t Rachel Green.

Well, it was recently stated by Jane Sibbett, who played Ross Geller’s ex-wife Carol Willick after Anita Barone did, that she was almost cast as Rachel Green. She discussed how she would have played Rachel Green but she was pregnant, her agents didn’t want to disclose that information to the producers but she told them they had to.

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The producers and her agreed it wouldn’t be the best option to cast her as Rachel Green as they already had a story for the character, Rachel Green. She agrees that Jennifer Aniston was the perfect person to illustrate Rachel Green as a character, and anyone that loves Friends would agree.

Carol Willick, a sixth-grade teacher, who divorced Ross before their perfect son Ben was born was originally Anita Barone but later played by Jane Sibbett. She was a very controversial character as she later came out as lesbian and married her ‘mistress’ Susan Bunch. In this era, it was still an untouched subject because people were still trying to accept the matter.

Jane herself said she got a lot of backlash from viewers of the series as it was a very tender subject but they managed to portray their character’s relationship, and difficulties in the most understanding of ways. However, whenever there’s a negative, there is always a positive. These two characters helped people in so many ways, some that couldn’t accept themselves, some whose families couldn’t accept them. It gave a fresh perspective on life.

So, you could say we are glad Jane Sibbett never played Rachel Green.  We wouldn’t have cherished the character of Carol Willick as much if not. She opened people’s minds with her incredible acting and portrayal of the character.

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