Benidorm market reopened!

Benidorm market reopened!

Benidorm market has finally reopened after six months of being closed due to COVID-19. As well as bringing business in for the sellers at the market it is also helping the cafes, bars and restaurants around the area.

The morning market is open from 8:30am until 1pm and brings people from all around Costa Blanca and Benidorm to the large market. The new safety measures in place for the market are being taken very seriously.

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There are stewards at every access point of the market. Masks, of course are mandatory, everyone gets a spray of hand sanitiser and each person that walks in or out is counted on the steward’s clicker. Abiding by the rules of operating at limited capacity, and everyone in the market has to obey the social distancing rule because of coronavirus.

The market has a wide variety of different products, from home décor, food, clothes and much more. The main thought to keep in mind is keeping your possessions safe, like any market in the world it is very common for pick-pocketers, so staying safe is important.

Haggling is almost the ‘normal’ at a market to try and get the best price, as long as you respect the sellers. There are also little eateries and cafes to buy drinks and food to keep you energised whilst you carry on looking and buying. All produce in the market is as fresh as it gets, making it ideal for cooking fresh and healthy food.

Many people have discussed the enjoyment for the reopening for the market, as it is a day out and is very cheap.  There is usually a live band playing outside of the market, but unfortunately were not there at the reopening. Although this virus has stopped many openings, this market is a highly recommended place to visit whether you are on holiday or even local.

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