Bag thieves still operating in towns across Costa Blanca

Bag thieves still operating in towns across Costa Blanca
CATCH THEM: This criminal couple needs to be stopped. CREDIT: Facebook

It appears the two bag thieves are still operating in towns across Costa Blanca, and they need to be caught. Do you recognise the criminal couple?

ON September 13, we reported that two tricky thieves were caught on film stealing a bag from a café/restaurant, however, it appears they were caught on film back in August too.

The video, dated August 26, shows the same two perpetrators from the theft in Playa Flamenca committing a blatant bag snatch in a crowed restaurant.


The video shows the man and woman standing in the middle of the restaurant floor, with tables full of diners chatting away and enjoying their meals.

As the man pretends to be on his phone again, the woman backs up towards a white bag hanging from the chair behind her, occupied by a woman facing away from the thief who is busy chatting with her male friend.

At one point it looks like the male at the table is going to spot the female thief, however, just as he repositions himself in his chair, the bag robber scoops up the woman’s bag and the two thieves leave, just as another couple enter the restaurant.

Restaurante en Torrevieja

Zveřejnil(a) Sos-Info Costa Blanca dne Středa 26. srpna 2020

Here is the video from Playa Flamenca that we reported earlier this month:

Ok folks keep an eye out for these bagsnatchers working in the Playa Flamenca bars

Zveřejnil(a) Steve McGuinness dne Čtvrtek 10. září 2020

Posts of these bag thieves are being shared on social media and we would like to ask you to share any information you have with the local police, who have already been made aware of the two thieves.

Here is a clearer video of the criminal couple who also stole from the Rosee Club Café in Orihuela on Sept 4:

🇬🇧 Attention!Be careful! 03.09 was stolen a bag of one of our clients. CCTV footage handed over to police🇪🇸 ¡Atención!¡Ten cuidado! 03.09 fue robada una bolsa de uno de nuestros clientes. Imágenes de CCTV entregadas a la policía🇷🇺 Внимание!Быть осторожен! 03.09 украли сумку у одного из наших посетителей. Запись с камер видеонаблюдения передана в полицию

Zveřejnil(a) ROSEE Club Café dne Pátek 4. září 2020


If you have any information or have suffered a bag theft in the areas mentioned, then please contact the local police.

If you want to share the videos and pictures, then please click this link.

Thanks for reading this article “Bag thieves still operating in towns across Costa Blanca”, for more news from Southern Costa Blanca, please follow this link.



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