Raising awareness for World Alzheimer’s Day in Torre Pacheco

Raising awareness for World Alzheimer's Day in Torre Pacheco
AWARENESS: Torre Pacheco raise awareness for World Alzheimer's Day. CREDIT: Facebook

Torre Pacheco is raising awareness and showing its support for World Alzheimer’s Day today, September 21, and hopes you will join in too.

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THE Pacheco Tower at the Town Hall will be lit up along with the iconic roundabout situated nearby to raise awareness for the amazing work done by a local Alzheimer group.

Torre Pacheco City Council will show their support and raise awareness for AFAL Cartagena which has helped people with Alzheimer’s disease with their 25 years of dedicated work.

For the last five years, AFAL has been working within the municipality of Torre Pacheco, conducting non-pharmacological therapies and support services to users and family.

They have also been conducting rehabilitation therapy services and support to caregivers.

By officially marking the occasion, it allows Torre Pacheco the ability to give some extra visibility to all the people suffering from this terrible disease and support the amazing work done by AFAL.

AFAL will continue to work with those that suffer from all other associated pathologies such as; genetic dementia, Lewis bodies, among many others.

AFAL Cartagena work every day with the sole purpose of improving the quality of life for both users and family members affected by Alzheimer’s.

Please contact: 60 968 12 81 for any further information.

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