Police shoots marcher in the groin!

Police shoots marcher in the groin!

A man protesting for a George Floyd demonstration in Los Angeles, was shot in the groin with a foam projectile gun, in close range. It has caused some major injuries, and the matter is now being investigated by the LAPD.

In Los Angeles, a marcher called Ben Montemayor experienced an agonising injury to his groin, whilst marching for a George Floyd protest. Yet again, police have been caught using violence against their own. Montemayor´s testicle had doubled in size, along with the other testicle also being injured.

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There is a newly released video showing the police officers grabbing the protestors sign, it said “Defund the police”, clearing angering the LAPD officers. Ben Montemayor´s was joined by friends and one was pushed to the ground along with Montemayor. As Montemayor went to help his friend the police officer shot him, injuring his groin with a foam projectile.

The LAPD have put an investigation in motion, as it is in the beginning stages there have been no reports respecting the matter. Evidence is being taken to see if the officers were behaving inappropriately or not, and their main question is ‘why police shoots marcher in the groin?’

With each protest that has occurred lately most have had either an injury, death or some sort of issue with the police. The officers have been seen using teargas and stun grenades to hold back protestors.

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