Metrominuto: A map helping you navigate Murcia quicker and more efficiently

Metrominuto: A map to navigate Murcia quicker and more efficiently
GET AROUND: New map helps you move about Murcia quicker. CREDIT: AytoMurcia

Murcia City Council has released the Metrominuto, a map helping you to navigate busy areas of the municipality quicker and more efficiently.

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SIX of the busiest areas in the municipality have been chosen for this initiative; El Palmar, Cabezo de Torres, Sangonera la Verde, Puente Tocinos, La Alberca and La Ñora.

The Metrominutes map/guide shows you the walking distances and times between the main streets, squares and places of interest in these districts.

The City Council continues to promote sustainable and pedestrian mobility as part of European Mobility Week.

Councillor of Pedanías and Barrios, Marco Antonio Fernández, explained, “The districts with a high population density are fundamental axes of the new mobility model of the municipality since they are nuclei are those that make numerous trips.

“Therefore, we want to promote mobility on foot and in sustainable vehicles,” he concluded.

The map means you can check the walking distance between gardens, bus stops, municipal offices, schools and institutes, sports centers and other highlights of these locations.

The mayor of Sustainable Development and Huerta, Antonio Navarro also highlighted that “this new measure joins many other launched by the City Council with the aim of reducing emissions, improving the health of Murcia and betting on efficient mobility.”

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