Anticipating rain so dry stream beds being cleared

Inspecting the work
The mayor and councillor inspect the work Credit: Torremolinos Council

THE Mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, and the Councillor responsible for General Services, Antonio Navarro, have visited the area of Aldeamar, in Los Alamos, where the municipal company Litosa has carried out cleaning and clearing work in the arroyo (stream) in preparation for the arrival of the rainy season.

The Mayor stressed that this is a “very sensitive” area and that the work is in great demand by the local residents, which the Town Hall is undertaking as a “preventive measure” since this area is one of the most problematic when there are torrential rains due to the accumulation of canes and weeds in different parts of the stream bed.

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“We are trying to ensure that the streams of Torremolinos are clean and in good condition now that autumn is beginning”, he said.


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