Sanchez admits there is room for improvement in managing Covid in Spain

Covid in Spain
Spain's PM Pedro Sánchez will meet in Madrid on Monday/

SPANISH Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has ruled out confining the country again, although he has clarified that no door can be closed because Covid in Spain is still an “unknown element.”

Likewise, regarding the meeting that he is due to have on Monday, September 21,  at the headquarters of the Community of Madrid with its president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, he has indicated that he will be there to help, underlining that he will not judge or evaluate.

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During an interview, Sanchez insisted that his objective with regard to Covid in Spain is to bend the contagion curve and that he hopes the new restrictions will make a big difference as they were proposed by the community epidemiology specialists who will have taken a technical point of view

Sánchez has stressed on several occasions that it is the autonomous communities that have the competences for Health and that from there, the Government will make the State resources available to Madrid.

He also recalled that the Autonomous Communities have the possibility of going to Congress to request a “state of territorialised alarm” if they consider it necessary, and he has guaranteed that they will have the parliamentary support that other parliamentary groups did not give him in the last extensions. that prompted the Government of the state of alarm.

“Now we are in the situation that we are. The only thing that counts is to separate us, divert our attention from where it is, which is to bend the curve, to help each other and be responsible,” he added.

Regarding the advance of the pandemic as a whole, Sánchez has avoided explaining why Spain is one of the countries with the worst infection data in Europe in the second wave of the coronavirus.

He explained that it is a different wave, with more growth slower than in the first phase, with a lower fatality rate, underlining that now 6 out of 10 infected are detected, while in the first phase that proportion was only 1 in 10.

In addition, he has ensured that “the system is much more prepared”, although he has recognized that “the data still brings concerns” and that, therefore, cooperation between the autonomous communities and the central Executive must be strengthened.

Asked if he is willing to carry out an audit on the management of Covid in Spain in the future, he has stated that he has “no problem” in doing it. “We are always ready to improve,” he added.

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