Benidorm businesses warn of impending disaster

Benidorm businesses predict impending disaster
Caption: PEACEFUL PROTEST: Local businesses called for solutions earlier this month Photo credit: AICO

Benidorm businesses predict impending disaster

AICO, Benidorm’s Independent Shopkeepers Association, expressed concern at shops’ future exclusion from the government’s ERTE furlough scheme.

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These worries were shared by the local hospitality, leisure and services industries who, like AICO, foresee 2,000 local businesses closing and countless self-employed ceasing activities.

“The ERTES’ fourth extension is characterised by discord

at the negotiating table and with the government,” an AICO statement declared.

“We have heard that the extension excludes shops, bars, restaurants and services but not hotels, travel agencies, aviation and theatres.  These are the only sectors the government wishes to protect.”

This demonstrated that the government “neither knows nor is familiar with” the commerce sector, AICO said. Nor did it do anything to get to know the business and jobs sector that depended on its decisions.  Instead, AICO perceived total contempt for industries generating wealth, employment and wellbeing.

“Should these sectors be excluded, the municipality’s devastated tourist sector could result in public and social disorder, together with a level of poverty unknown in our democracy,” the association warned.

“We are calling on delegates to set aside their political and political differences and to work to save our businesses, employees, families and a tourist destination like Benidorm,” the communique finished.


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