Unsuspecting victims conned out of hundreds in latest scam

SCAM: Victims have been conned out of up to €300 each. CREDIT: Pxfuel

Spain’s Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration is warning of one of the latest scams conning unsuspecting victims out of up to €300, this time through the Bizum app.

AN automated message claims to be calling from the government’s social security office offering support.

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As the automated conversation continues, creating alarm, the ‘caller’ begins to ask for personal data.

Depending on the person, the conversation can change, opening a wider range to carry out the scam.

The ‘false worker’ then promises a form of social aid is available – though nothing is further from the truth.

A notification is then sent to the potential victim, and if accepted the scammer profits, known as ‘vishing’.

“Remember: any management with Social Security or any other body of the Public Administration must always be done through official pages,” reminds the Ministry through its social platforms, pointing out the scam has already conned people out of up to €300.

Scammers are taking full advantage of the current crisis and period of uncertainty and confusion.

Last week EWN reported a case of a factory employee who was placed on furlough in May.

After four months of payment, she was made redundant, before becoming a target for email con artists posing as the HMRC.

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