Dominic Raab’s Bodyguard Suspended after Leaving Loaded Gun on Jet

Bodyguard to Domin Raab taken off duty for leaving loaded gun on jet. image: Twitter

One of Dominic Raab’s protection squad detectives has been suspended following a ‘security error’.

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The detective in question has now been taken off duty as it was revealed he left behind his loaded gun on a flight that the foreign secretary of State had just exited from at Heathrow airport. The jet had just returned from Washington DC where Raab had been involved in talks with US leaders on Brexit and Northern Ireland.

“It’s about this big and made of metal” – anyone seen it? It’s not the first time this as happened by the way! image: Twitter

It is reported that a cleaner boarded the plane and spotted the loaded gun on the seat previously occupied by the detective- she immediately raised the alarm. Police rushed to the jet but stood down once they realised it belonged to one of Mr Raab’s bodyguard’s.

A source said: “The protection officer began sorting out passports and preparing to escort Mr Raab off the flight. For whatever reason, he took off his holster with the loaded Glock pistol inside and laid it on the seat. The officer then went off with the Foreign Secretary, leaving the gun behind. The cleaners came on and one of them found the gun in its holster. She was understandably shocked and called for help and police were called.”

                      DH0J93 Glock 17 9mm semi-auto pistol- the type left on the plane. image: Pixabay

In February this year, David Cameron’s bodyguard was suspended after a gun was left in a BA plane toilet. 

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