Continued Anger as Customers Still Have Not Received Their Refunds

Continued anger as customers

Continued anger as customers have still not received their refunds as airline operators continue to give them the runaround.

Many airlines have still not refunded much of the money owed due to cancelled flights. In fact, only one in four payments have been returned.

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Due to the State of Alarm that was issued earlier in the year, which saw Spain essentially closed for business, many passengers were unable to take their vacations and had to travel their cancel plans.

It was agreed that all passengers would be entitled to a full, unquestioned refund. However, to date, only 25% of passengers have actually received the promised refund.

Airlines had initially tried to circumvent providing refunds by offering vouchers for passengers to rebook their flights, however due to legislation they were forced to offer full refunds.

As such, airlines have faced an onslaught of requests for refunds as people remain uncertain surrounding travel in the current coronavirus pandemic.

However, it is now seven months after the first flight cancellation many passengers are still awaiting the full and unconditional refund that they are entitled to.

It is understood that at least 6,000 claims have been received since the news that customers are entitled to a full refund was received. However, only 25% of that total have received a refund from flight operators.

The Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) has advised that should customers not be able to get a response from their flight operator within 14 days then they can complete an online form to start a formal process of recovery.

Unfortunately, AESA is not a legally binding process and should the airline continue to withhold funds then the customers can commence legal action against the airline.

Customers of the low budget airlines have been to most affected by operators delay in refunding payments however Ryanair confirmed that by the end of July it had refunded 80% of the refunds required.

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