UK Warned About A Two Week Lockdown

UK Warned About A Two Week Lockdown

The UK have been warned a two week lockdown isn’t enough to completely eradicate the virus!

The restrictions in the UK are concentrated on the rule of six, with people being told not to socialise with more than this many, in or outside of the house. Experts have knocked this rule as there was no evidence that proves the rule is effective.

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The R rate, when scientists are faced with the outbreak of a new disease, they have to act quickly to understand how it works and spreads. They do this by coming up with a ‘basic reproduction number’ known as R0.

This indicates how infectious the virus is, the average number of people than can be infected by one person. If the reproduction number is higher than one, the cases will increase rapidly, however if the number is lower than one then the disease will spread slowly and die with time.

The R rate could be very high in certain parts in England, which could mean that England will need to go into another lockdown, which has been discussed. There were over three thousand new cases confirmed overnight, the UK are being warned that a two week lockdown isn’t enough. Boris Johnson is thought to be considering new national restrictions, to try and deal with this ever-growing crisis.

Experts are unsure whether two weeks is a long enough period in lockdown, as they had a longer lockdown in March and although the deaths and cases cut drastically, they still struggled, and it was for a lot longer.

Nonetheless, the PM does not want another lockdown, nor does he want to close down the nation’s schools again. With having a lockdown, it causes a knock-on effect and causes many issues in the future although in this circumstance the UK don’t have much choice. If this is what keeps the public safe, then these are the measures they will have to take.

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