Suspect arrested for Manuela Chavero disappearance


Suspect arrested for the sudden disappearance of Manuela Chavero without a trace. The ongoing investigation has been a long and exhaustive experience and appears to have finally bore some fruit.

The Civil Guard are said to have arrested a man in connection with her disappearance and it is claimed that he has confessed to her disappearance and murder.

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Chavero went missing from Monesterio four years ago and a man from this municipality has now been arrested for the crime. The 28-year-old suspect has admitted to murdering Chavero, 42, and was known to the victim as a close acquaintance and neighbour.

The suspect has been detained by the Civil Guard in Zafra and the authorities are now investigating further with several searches being carried out, including one on his home.

An anonymous letter was delivered to Chavero’s sister, Emilia Chavero, which was the passed to police. They have stated that this was the  determining factor in pursuing the suspect.

“The letter warned that someone saw something, or someone heard something,” said the sister in an interview with Cadena Cope.

Emilia continued, “The investigators called us at nine o’clock last night to tell us that they had arrested a person. At first, they did not want to tell us who he was, but I insisted, and they told me. He has not spoken yet, he will speak throughout the day ”

Chavero disappeared in the early hours of the morning on 5th July 2016. It is hoped by her family that this will see a closure to this case and allow them some peace after years of waiting.

We will continue to bring you more updates on this story as they are released.

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