Scamming insurance companies for Luxury vehicles

Scamming insurance companies for Luxury vehicles

Fourteen people in a criminal organisation arrested for devoting their time to scamming insurance companies for the import of Luxury vehicles.

The organisation collected these high-end, luxury cars, from other countries in Europe then brought them to Spain. They used false documents to increase sale profits, and ambushed drivers by faking or instigating traffic accidents so the insurance would pay for any repairs.

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The investigation began when authorities received a complaint from an insurance company claiming possible fraud through luxury vehicles carrying temporary license plates. The criminal organisation was based in Burgos and Valladolid.

After introducing the vehicles into the EU and using the fully comprehensive insurance policy of buy- sell companies, they simulated traffic accidents so they could claim, and the company could pay for all major repairs. The organisation was said to have an expert, ‘a mastermind’ behind the plan as it was very well thought of.

The investigation officers have been able to analyse all the accidents, ITV reports, registration files and surveillance cameras to demonstrate how the organisation managed to succeed with such a tricky operation. The other people involved in the staged crashes have been investigated too and we found to be linked to the criminals.

The criminals also were found with falsified documents from other countries, the fake invoices allowed them to register vehicles in Spain on behalf of other people, transfer them the vehicle to another person’s name and also selling the cars.

The detainees are also being punished for these alleged crimes; money laundering, membership in a criminal organisation, aggravated fraud, false documentary, and identity theft.

The crime was investigated by Traffic Agents of the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), Information Services of Burgos, Traffic Services, and led by Juzgado de Intruccion numero 2 de Burgos (examining court number 2 of Burgos). The investigations remain open as there could be more allegations against them in other countries.

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