Sanchez and Ayuso to meet on Monday

PM Pedro Sanchez calls extraordinary meeting to discuss State of Alarm as pressure mounts
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Sanchez and Ayuso to meet on Monday at 12pm in Madrid.

The meeting between Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez and the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, will take place on Monday at 12pm. The meeting is scheduled to discuss the ever-increasing numbers of coronavirus cases in the city of Madrid.

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Diaz Ayuso is expected to make an announcement this afternoon regarding a range of new measures that will be taken to curb the spread of the virus in the city. The announcement, which has now been postponed twice, will see a range of restrictions introduced.

With numbers in the whole of Spain on the rise, more and more areas are being placed into local or regional lockdowns, voluntary lockdowns or moving backwards in the “New Normal” phases.

The meeting was arranged after the Deputy Premier of Madrid, Iganacio Aguado, called on the central government to assist them in their ongoing efforts to be able to curb the spread of coronavirus in the city. Madrid continues to see the fastest rise in cases with a clear and apparent community infection occurring.

A member of the centre-right party, Ciudadanos, stated in a news conference that “the situation of the epidemic in Madrid is not going well. It is getting worse. We are going to have to make greater efforts.”

However, it is currently unclear whether the local government in Madrid will be asking Sanchez to instigate another state of alarm for the region.

The letter that was sent to central government requested a face to face meeting to discuss the urgent issue and was agreed almost immediately by Sanchez.

In Spain, the latest figures available demonstrate a total of 11,291 in the previous 24-hour period on Thursday with France confirming a new daily maximum of cases with 10,593 infections.

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