Covid-19 outbreak at centre for children

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56 POSITIVES: 23 staff and children are still waiting for results. CREDIT: File pic

A centre for children and young people in Villena has registered 56 coronavirus positives.

MINISTRY sources have confirmed that of those infected, 41 are young people and the remainder are members of staff.

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All cases are reported to be asymptomatic, and not serious.

All the same, staff are self-isolating and the centre has put a contingency plan in place to ensure the children who have tested positive are also isolated.

Twenty-three people are still waiting for results, while 67 tested negative.

Europa Press sources confirmed that none of those infected have need hospital treatment.

Villena Council has made itself available to the Ministry and health authorities to tackle the situation, and has also implemented a series of additional measures which will remain in place until Monday, October 5.

The aim is to limit the use and capacity of public facilities and services, and “prevent the expansion of coronavirus cases.”

Mayor, Fulgencio Cerdan, said “we must be calm, think each of us what we can do for others, and not the reverse, and thus begin to meet the standards of hygiene and basic security.

“At the same time, we have created new measures that affect our municipal spaces.”

These include closing schools as soon as classes have finished.

As for the outdoor and Food Market, a capacity limit of 75 per cent has been established, which will be controlled by council staff.

Occupancy at the Miguel Hernández municipal library has been reduced by 60 per cent, and by 50 per cent in the case of the Study Room in Calle Tercia and cultural facilities.

The Sports School’s activities have been suspended.

The Mayor’s Office also reminds that “it is necessary to limit social and family encounters to those of stable coexistence, and that any meetings do not exceed 10 people.”

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