Travellers behaving badly

Travellers behaving badly.

ALICANTE AIRPORT: Fewer planes but fewer problem passengers.

IN 2019 the Alicante Airport authorities had to deal with 192 incidents involving antisocial passengers.

This was more than any other Spanish airport, but as the number of passengers travelling for pleasure or business plunged, so did the number of incidents. These fell to just 15 between January and the end of July according to Spain’s State Aviation Security Agency (AESA).


Two people were also removed from their aircraft for disruptive behaviour, compared with 32 in 2019. Madrid Airport headed the list of troublemakers during this same seven-month period, followed by Alicante, Malaga, Tenerife South and Gran Canaria.

Palma airport, which had the second-highest number of problem passengers last year registered only three. Madrid also six unruly passengers taken off their plane, followed by Malaga (5), Alicante, Fuerteventura and Manises (Valencia) with two each.

Overall, AESA registered 141 incidents between January and late July with Spanish travellers causing the most trouble, followed by the British, Germans and Romanians.

AESA has now made a video, alerting passengers of the consequences of “inappropriate” behaviour during flights which could incur fines of up to €5,000.

The passenger or passengers involved will also have to cover the cost if a flight needs to be diverted.The video has been shared with the other European countries that collaborate with AESA, including the UK where it has been “widely distributed,” sources said.

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