‘Quick’ Covid tests for Brits visiting the Canary Islands

AIRPORT TESTS: PCR tests with immediate results set for Tenerife airports. CREDIT: Twitter

‘Quick’ breathalyser-type Covid tests are set to be introduced at airports for Brits visiting the Canary Islands. Do you think this is a good idea?

THE introduction of these tests, which will apparently give results within two minutes, could be enforced as early as two weeks time.


October is a busy time for the Canary Islands and President of the Canaries, Ángel Víctor Torres said that the announcement “was very good news as the high season for the islands begins in October due to the good all-year round weather.”

Tenerife airports could welcome UK tourists back within the next few weeks; however, this will be based on results from talks being held by tourism ministers from the EU.

A decision is set to be announced on September 28 and details will be released on the new guidelines pertaining to safe travel options.

Canary Island authorities and hoteliers, both desperate to rejuvenate their tourism trade, have said they will help pay for these coronavirus tests.

There are several ‘quick’ test options currently on the market, with the breathalyser-type test being the quickest and costing less.

This type of test takes two minutes to get a result and is only €15.

Another being looked into is the rapid detection PCR test which costs €30; however, this takes one hour to get a result.

Canary governments insist that these tests should be carried out at airports, and not just for foreign passengers.

More money could be spent and a higher risk of contagion if not done before entering and exiting the airports.

“In a matter of weeks, we must make decisions and reach an agreement with the United Kingdom, which is the main client for the island of Tenerife,” explained Tenerife’s president, Pedro Martín.

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  1. Great idea and would much prefer to put money into the Canary Islands than money grabbing labs in the uk who are preying on those who wish to travel and charging such that if you are a family of 5 adults as we are the cost is prohibitive to us having the Xmas trip currently planned


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