Spain’s Guardia Civil signs agreement with Republic of Georgia

Guardia Civil
The two delegations met in the Republic of Georgia Credit: Guardia Civil

THE Director General of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez, and the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Georgia, Vladimer Bortsvadze, have signed a declaration of collaboration for the creation of a Joint Analysis Team.

This document signed in Georgian Capital Tbilisi calls for the analysis of information on transnational organised crime between the Central Department of the Criminal Police and the Guardia Civil.

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The Joint Analysis Team will be a functioning body dedicated to a speedy response and action based upon information received from either side.

The activity of the Joint Team will be oriented towards cooperation on transnational organised crime affecting both police forces in the areas of trafficking in drugs, vehicles, arms and human beings, irregular immigration, cyber-crime and crimes against property.

The Director General stressed the importance of international cooperation in a globalised world where organised crime affects all countries and therefore the effectiveness of the fight against it cannot be individual to each territory but shared.

She thanked the Georgian authorities for their willingness to collaborate with the Guardia Civil which has been going on informally for some time, but it is now being formalised with this new document and there is a general belief that it will bear fruit to the benefit of the citizens of both countries.

The activity of the Joint Analysis Team may be supplemented by the existing instruments for police collaboration and information exchange between the two countries, mainly the Home Affairs Attaché/Liaison Officers.

The Team will also meet to monitor activities once a year, alternately in each country, and at extraordinary meetings when necessary.


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