NY Governor Won’t Cancel Halloween But Will Keep Live Events Closed


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said he will keep comedy clubs and live events closed as they are still dangerous. He will not ban trick-or-treating or other Halloween activities.   

ON Tuesday, during an interview in Long Island, Cuomo said: “I would not ban trick-or-treaters going door to door. I don’t think that’s appropriate. You have neighbours – if you want to go knock on your neighbour’s door, God bless you and I’m not going to tell you not to. If you want to go for a walk with your child through the neighbourhood, I’m not gonna tell you you can’t take your child to the neighbourhood, I’m not going to do that – I’ll give you my advice and guidance and then you will make a decision about what you do that night.”


In New York, coronavirus cases are stable but the Governor is afraid that they might increase due to some reopenings, for example, schools and colleges. As he established that the greatest risk is density. 

“The rule is you don’t want to go over 1 per cent infection rate, okay? That’s the rule. Open as many things as you can to stay at 1 per cent and that’s what I’m doing. ‘Well, maybe you can open more?’ We are at 1 per cent every day, Jay, not to torture the analogy, but you get on the scale and you’re supposed to be under 200 pounds. We’re at 199.8. We don’t have a lot of flexibility here,” he explained.  

Talking about music concerts he said: “I understand concert venues, my good friend Billy Joel, he was doing Madison Square Garden, when will we get back to Madison Square Garden? Those large arenas pose the greatest risk, even if you say, ‘Okay, every two seats, every three seats,’ yeah but you’re still channelling people in and out of a corridor, right? They’re still coming through a gate, and then essential, and I hate to say this because everything is essential – comedy clubs. How essential is a comedy club when you’re talking about the infection rate? Not to offend people in the comedy club, Lord knows we need to laugh, but those are the calibrations we’re making.”


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