Italian neo-fascist arrested by National Police in Marbella

The arrest
The arrest in Marbella Credit: National Police

THE National Police in Marbella have detained a member of the Italian neo-fascist terrorist organisation Núcleos Armados Revolucionario under an International Detention Order.

Two people who fled Italy in 2012 were said to be hiding in Marbella and Italian authorities requested assistance from the National Police to find and detain them prior to extradition back to Italy.

It was alleged that they were known to be militants of the Italian extreme right during the 70s and 80s and were linked to the Italian neo-fascist terrorist group Núcleos Armados Revolucionario.


Officers discovered the address of one of the pair and arrested them before ascertaining that the other wanted individual had died of natural causes in February of this year and their body was stored at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Malaga as no-one had claimed the body.

The defendants, had been sentenced by the Bolzano Court (Italy) with nine and seven year prison terms but escaped before they were taken to serve their sentences in prison.

They had been arrested previously in 2012 in France, where they managed to escape from home custody to which they were subjected to whilst awaiting their extradition to Italy.

It is believed that they may have been associated the terrorist actions committed by this organisation, particularly the attack perpetrated on August 2, 1980 known as the “Massacre of Bologna”, in which an explosive device placed in the train station of this Italian city killed 85 people and left 200 injured.


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