Face masks that say it all!

Facemasks that say it all!

COLOR PRINT FASHION: Muro firm now manufactures hi-tech face masks.

ROUGHLY 500 pupils from 28 small Alicante Province municipalities will receive face masks that change colour if their temperatures go up.

These have been developed by a Muro de Alcoy textiles firm, Color Print Fashion, which has patented the masks whose colour changes if the wearer’s temperature goes above 37.5 degrees.


One of the first batches have been acquired by the Man comunidad del Xarpolar, a group of municipalities that are located principally in the l’Alcoia and El Comt at areas.

Owing to their proximity, includes the Marina Alta towns of Castells de Castells and Vall d’Alcala.Castells has its own school, unlike Vall d’Alcala whose pupils go to Planes ,which also belongs to El Xarpolar.

El Xarpolar’s president Francisco Fenollar, who is also mayor of Alcoleja, explained that the group of towns has acquired 1,500 kits of face masks, wristbands and stickers.

“These will detect rapidly and easily if a pupil from any of our 27 municipalities has a temperature,” Fenollar said.

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