Ohio students in trouble for throwing house party after one tests positive for Covid-19

Covid-19 positive house party
MISUNDERSTANDING: The student’s conversation with a police officer suggests he hadn’t grasped what self-isolating means CREDIT: Oxford Police Dept. @OxfordOhioPD

STUDENTS at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio are in trouble with the law for throwing a house party after at least one of them had tested positive for Covid-19.

They got found out when a police officer went to investigate a complaint about noise.

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The officer came across a whole bunch of people gathered on the house porch and loud music blaring out, one of the students who lives there admitting there were about 20 people indoors.

A city ordinance currently bans indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than 10 people who don’t live together.

A check on the student’s ID in the law enforcement database showed he had just tested positive for the virus a week earlier.

When the officer questioned the student it appeared he hadn’t quite grasped what self-isolating actually means.

Pointing out he was supposed to be quarantining the student’s response was “That’s why I’m at my house”, the conversation caught on the policeman’s body camera revealed.

The young man also told the officer that other people staying at the house were Covid-19 positive as well.

“This is what we’re trying to prevent, you know? We want to keep this town open”, the exasperated sounding officer said.

“So, you’re not quarantining if you’re mixing with other people.”

Police have issued a citation to six students for violating the city’s mass gathering ordinance, five of them residents of the house. They could each be looking at a $500 fine.

US universities have been trying to stop students from holding or going to parties in a bid to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Several outbreaks on campuses have been connected to fraternity or sorority parties.


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