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Man kills alleged rapist in a case of mistaken identity

alleged rapist
Father stabs alleged rapist. Credit> Twitter

A MAN stabbed and killed his daughter’s alleged rapist on September 1, in León, Guanajuato State, Mexico. However, it has since been discovered that he had mistaken him for another man.

The father, named Luis Manuel, was waiting for David Enrique, who he believed was the alleged rapist of his daughter, as he left the León Prosecutor’s Office, where he had gone to file a complaint with the Public Ministry about a theft suffered by an employee of the company where he worked. 

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Upon leaving he was attacked with a knife by Luis Manuel, who “confused him with another person with whom he had a grudge ”.

When he was walking through the parking area, the father stabbed him in the chest, causing him to fall to the ground. He tried to finish him off but was stopped by some officers who were nearby.

In images released on Twitter, you can see how Luis Manuel wields a knife moments before David Enrique approaches him.

The aggressor was detained, and argued that the subject he stabbed had abused his daughter; however, the ministerial investigations indicated that the victim had no relationship with those events and was not the alleged rapist.

David Enrique died the following day in hospital from the knife wound.


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