Mallorca resort perfume theft suspects sniffed out

Intruder stabbed and killed
SUSPICIONS: Reports say the Guardia Civil believe the 30-year old had been attempting to break into the property along with two others CREDIT: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA Civil have arrested three women suspected of carrying a whole series of robberies from perfume shops and supermarkets in Calvia and Andratx.

The detention of the trio came after a perfumery in Andratx reported that two customers had hurried their way out of the shop without joining the queue to pay, and had completely ignored calls from the shop assistant.

They then jumped into a waiting vehicle driven by a third women and sped off in the Palma direction.


The shop assistant immediately informed the Guardia Civil about what had happened, telling officers she suspected the women had stolen items from the establishment.

Footage from the shop’s security cameras confirmed the employee’s suspicions.

It showed the pair had gone in with backpack, into which they stuffed items from the display shelves.

A Calvia Public Safety patrol intercepted the women’s vehicle on the motorway.

When officers searched the vehicle they found a whole bunch of stuff from the perfumery, as well as various sorts of food products which the Guardia said had been nicked from a number of Calvia supermarkets.

The investigative team looking into the incident analysed similar reported crimes and determined that the three detainees could have been responsible for 20 or so other robberies in the two localities.


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