Karate federation in Murcia is not going to be kicked out

karate federation
KARATE: Martial art federation not given the chop. CREDIT: Uriel Soberanes/ Unsplash

A martial arts federation in Murcia will continue to use a municipal building in the region after the decision was made not to give them the chop.

THE Karate Federation of the Region of Murcia holds a lot of events in the city and a Governing Board has agreed an extension for the use of one of its sports centres.


The municipal space of the Puente Tocinos sports centre will be used for the continued development of the federation’s activities.

The space, located on the ground floor of the Puente Tocinos Pavilion, is normally set up as an office, an archive room, a meeting room and/or an equipment storage space.

As part of an agreement between the leg-sweeping federation and the Governing Board, the federation will take care of the maintenance and conservation costs of the 20 square metre space.

The Karate Federation will be thankful not to be kicked out as they already host numerous activities in this pavilion.

Equipment and necessary materials, such as the tatamis, are already located there throughout the year.

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