Free WiFi fitted in facilities throughout Guardamar del Segura

free WiFi
STAYING CONNECTED: Guardamar gets free WiFi. CREDIT: Facebook

Staying connected in Guardamar del Segura will become a whole lot easier with the introduction of free WiFi.

FREE WiFi and free access has been installed in Guardamar del Segura as the City Council spends a large amount of money to keep the community connected.


The network called WIFI4EU, will not require a password and is currently available in Avda. Pines, the House of Culture and the Music School.

However, there are plans to expand the free WiFi to further area if this initial investment proves a success.

A grant of €15,000 was given by the European Commission in order to provide these free WiFi spots to public spaces of Guardamar.

Guardamar isn’t the first city in the Costa Blanca to have had this project commissioned, as they belatedly follow Cartagena in provided this service to its residents. 

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