Calls for “extreme caution” after alleged panther sightings in a Spanish village

SPECULATION: Panther hunt continues in Granada despite pix suggesting it might be a cat. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento Ventas de Huelma y Acula Facebook

A LOCAL authority has called for “extreme caution” after a number of alleged sightings of a black panther in a Spanish village.

Ventas de Huelma Council in Granada has warned of the possible presence of a black panther in the area, and stressed a search operation has been launched by environmental officers and the Guardia Civil’s Seprona unit to try to locate the wild animal.

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The alleged sightings have taken place over the last three days, with villagers claiming to have seen a huge cat walking along a road near the municipal castle.

According to the council, despite efforts since the first report, there have been no sightings by officers and as yet, they have found no evidence of its presence.

Several patrols and a helicopter are still conducting a search.

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The local authority has asked neighbors and visitors to be cautious and urged anyone who sees the animal to avoid approaching it, and call the 112 emergency service.

In a Facebook post, the council said: “Neighbors of Ventas de Huelma inform us that on the evening of yesterday, (Friday, September 11), they saw a panther on the road to the Castle and in front of the town hall.”

“We ask for extreme caution in this area, not to approach the animal under any circumstances, as it can be very dangerous and if anyone sees it, please call 112 directly.”

And this afternoon, an update read: “We report that the Seprona has set up a device to try to locate the panther, with a helicopter and several patrols.

“Let’s hope they find the animal in good condition and return it to a more appropriate environment. We keep asking for caution…..under no circumstances approaching the animal.”


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