A Boat Graveyard!

A Boat Graveyard!

CALA BAEZA: Has become a boats’ graveyard

Sailing days over for Campello boats DERELICT boats, long abandoned by their owners, are being removed from the neglected marina at Campello’s Cala Baeza beach.

The town hall’s Environment and Beaches departments acted after complaints from members of public and the EU opposition party reached the Spanish media.


Julio Oca, councillor for both departments, explained that disposing of eight boats aground on the beach, was the town hall’s responsibility. One was registered to a Villa Josa resident who has since taken it away, while the owner of another who lives in Almoradi has been ordered to remove it.

The town hall has asked the Maritime Authority to identify and notify the owners of three more beached boats but the remaining three are so broken-down that identification is impossible and they will be removed and scrapped.

Removing the dozen or so boats still in the water can be dealt with later, as they are the competence of coastal authority Costas, Oca said.

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