Migrants placed in empty hotels by the Red Cross

Migrants placed in empty hotels

MIGRANTS placed in empty hotels by the Red Cross in Madrid.

They have housed a total of 74 migrants in 4-star accommodation whilst in the Canary Islands the influx of migrants being diverted from northern Morocco has seen the local government having to build make-shift accommodation, most of which is substandard.

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The tourism industry in Madrid has been called to arms to help with the current migrant crisis by opening closed hotels up to them. Due to the closure of a number of establishments as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many of the areas closed hotels are now being used as accommodation to house migrants.

In Corralejo earlier this month, one establishment received 43 migrants that had been diverted there by the Red Cross. This transfer was followed by a second one that included a total of 31 people.

This is said to be an ongoing situation that will see more and more migrants diverted into empty establishments in the area.

Pastor of the Christian Mission spoke of the influx of migrants once social media was flooded with pictures of them being put up in nice hotels. He said, “it already happened months ago when migrant women were diverted to the apartments in Nuevo Horizonte and it will happen as soon as they start sending to their relatives the current circumstances”

The complex currently being used is rented by the Red Cross. At this time the time allotted for the individuals to stay is unknown.

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