Justin Bieber New Music Set To Release Next Week


Justin Bieber’s ‘new era’ begins next week as he announced the release of new music for next week. 

The mainstream popstar tweeted on September 11: “ONE WEEK” with a link to a new website jbsoon.com and his followers went crazy. The site lets people pre-save a brand new song via diverse streaming services. Scooter Braun, his manager, also tweeted the hashtag: #newerabegins setting ground for the upcoming changes the artist will have, something that they already established on Biber’s last album titled ‘Changes’. He was heading on “Changes” promotion tour when the pandemic came and forced him to reschedule for next year. 


Justin’s fans on the internet are throwing different theories and speculation if the upcoming music will be only one single or a full album

Although he has been avoiding the public eye, recently Justin Bieber was the talk of the town as he starred on POPSTAR’s music video, a song from Drake and DJ Khaled. Also, he opened up on a post enhancing the new era that awaits:

“I came from a small town in Stratford Ontario Canada. I didn’t have material things and was never motivated by money or fame I just loved music. But as I became a teenager I let my insecurities and frustrations dictate what I put my value in. My values slowly started to change. Ego and power started to takeover and my relationships suffered because of it. I truly desire healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them! I want to walk in the plans God has for me and not try and do it on my own!”. 


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