CALPE OUTBREAK: 17 youngsters COVID-19 positive

CALPE OUTBREAK: 17 youngsters COVID-19 positive

CALPE outbreak, young Basques quarantined in Calpe villa CALPE’s first Covid-19 outbreak was detected last week in a group of young Basques holidaying in a villa.

According to an official statement issued by Calpe town hall, 17 of them had tested positive for the coronavirus and were quarantined in the property. Some Spanish media reports maintained that the Calpe communique was preceded by a Valencian Community’s Health department statement that named 19 positives.

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They also revealed that another of the group, also infected with the virus, had returned home although the health authorities “were aware of the situation” and the case was under control.

Some of the youngsters, who are aged 17 and 18, began to feel unwell shortly after arriving in Calpe and contacted the local health centre but municipal sources confirmed that they did not go to the health centre. Instead the tests were carried out at the villa and the same sources said that the group was probably already infected when they arrived in Calpe, adding that more cases outside the group were “unlikely”.

The town hall has provided them with thermometers, facemasks and medication via Proteccion Civil volunteers who have also been bringing food supplies to the villa while they remain quarantined.

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