Spanish campaign stresses the importance of culture to society

Alicante Provincial Council Extends Aid To Musical Groups
Alicante Provincial Council Extends Aid To Musical Groups Credit: OSR Murcia

MOST of those involved directly or indirectly in performing arts of all types have suffered directly from both the lockdown and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic with work literally drying up overnight.

Those who have record contracts can at least expect that royalties will continue to flow but for the average artist and crew, things have been very tough and the Union of Business Associations of the Spanish Cultural Industry is now pushing for increased support.

Under a new campaign, #LaCulturaDebeContinuar (Culture Must Continue), a group of industry professionals have come together to express their “deepest concern” about the current situation.


Supporters include the Association of Musical Promoters of Spain, the Spanish Association of Classical Music Festivals, the Association of Theatres, Festivals Lyrical Seasons and the Association of Music Festivals, among many others.

In its joint statement, the union said: “Culture is a vital element for a country. An essential indicator of society, its social level, the development and quality of its system. The level of modern society today corresponds directly to that of its cultural industry.”

It insists that the Spanish Government has not done anything like enough to support all of those who have been denied the opportunity to work and says that members can only reinvent themselves to a limited extent.

Now is the time for the Government to take immediate action and to recognise the importance of all types of entertainment culture to the good of the Country and to ensure that performers receive financial assistance.


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