Plans in the pipeline for Almeria Carnival celebrations one way or another

Almeria carnival celebrations plans
CONFIDENCE: “We will make Carnival 2021 safe and fun at the same time”, Almeria’s Culture councillor commented. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Almeria

PLANS are in the pipeline for next year’s Almeria city carnival celebrations, one way or another depending on the Covid-19 situation.

Almeria Municipal Carnival Federation president Nicolas Castillo has written to the city’s carnival groups to tell them that the event will be happening in 2021, but pointing out “it will not be the same as ever” due to the pandemic.

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The need for safety measures as set out by the authorities “obliges us to reinvent ourselves and think about a different format from the traditional carnival”, he said.

Almeria city council has already given the federation its support for next year’s events.  The formal agreement between the two entities is due to be signed shortly, but the actual proposals for what will go ahead have yet to be set out.

The Federation president made it clear there could be major modifications, or even some cancelations, according to health authority requirements.

The provincial capital’s Culture councillor Diego Cruz underlined the council’s ongoing commitment to carnival, but like Castillo left no doubt that “health will be the priority at all times”, and the events which do go ahead will be with the health authorities’ authorisation.

Cruz nevertheless expressed his confidence in the carnival federation’s creativity.

“We will make Carnival 2021 safe and fun at the same time”, he commented.

One decision with the federation has already adopted it to change the competition for carnival groups into an open, festival-like contest. The aim is to avoid, or at least minimise, group gatherings to rehearse.

“There will be total freedom in repertoires and costumes, that is it will be possible to repeat repertoires or songs from other years or of other groups, as far as possible keeping to the usual framework of carnival performances”, the federation president explained.

“We will have the carnival which the pandemic and health authorities allow us, hence the programmed acts will be subject to changes or to cancellations at any time this is required”, Castillo concluded.

But he ended on a positive note.

“We cannot forget the spirit of happiness which the Almeria carnival breathes”, he reminded the groups.

“I assure you on behalf of the federation, and Almeria council, we will make every effort to offer the best Carnival possible in 2021.”


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