Mother let child attend school in Madrid whilst awaiting PCR results

school in Madrid
First positive case of Covid in a student has been registered. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A WHOLE class of a school in Madrid, have been placed in quarantine after the first positive case of Covid in a schoolchild has been registered.

The headteacher of República del Uruguay, a public school in Madrid is quoted as saying, “I knew that sooner or later this could happen,” but added, “What I did not expect is that it would be so soon and, neither, the tremendous irresponsibility of the parents.”

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The reason for such a reaction is that a mother brought her daughter to school when she was waiting for the result of a Covid test knowing that it could be positive. The mother was perfectly aware

According to the headteacher, who prefers not to give his name, the mother told the dining room monitor when she picked up the girl at three in the afternoon “that she was not going to go to class the next day because she had Covid.”

When the teacher found out, he was dumbfounded. The mother confessed that she had been informed shortly before of the results of a PCR performed on the child because she had lived with another who was infected. For the teacher, “there is no excuse for this behaviour.”

The girl, whose name is not revealed out of respect for her privacy and that of her classmates, had attended class the first and second day of the term with “total normality.” They took her temperature at the and she claimed to have had no symptoms.

According to Public Health, it was not necessary to quarantine the class, however, the head of the school in Madrid said, “The decision to quarantine the class was made by me, according to the Inspection and the DAT.”

The Covid coordinator of the school, which is on the border with Carabanachel, in one of the worst-hit districts, with 779.5 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days compared to 394.3 in Latina and 590.4 in the middle of the capital, was in charge of calling parents to explain that their children could not go to school. Very few are affected, just a dozen, since the school in Madrid has around 16 students per class.

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