Mallorca historic castle renovation project moving forward

TOURIST ATTRACTION: The 14th century is popular with visitors to the island CREDIT: Ajuntament de Palma

THE €750,000 renovation project for Mallorca’s historic Bellver castle is moving forward.

Palma city council has now approved the bid specifications for the works on the 14th century structure, which is one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions.

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The need to carry out the renovations stem mainly from problems related to rainwater drainage along the castle perimeter and which studies have shown have been caused by stone paving put down some 40 years ago,

Palma council explained that rain is filtering down into the subsoil, but not evaporating. As a result the water accumulates and creates bags of air underground, which could trigger off the collapse of a wall.

The project will mean taking up the paving, compacting the earth, levelling out the ground and repaving it in such a way that water does not build up.

The city authority said the works will get going when all the necessary administrative procedures have been completed, which it expects to be around the end of this year.

The works will last for about 12 months, but the monument will remain open to the public throughout.


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